As part of Norfolk and Waveney CCG, OneNorwich Practices is committed to its Research Strategy 2019-2023, which aims to achieve health benefits for patients by participating in medical research; this will enable patients to live independent and healthier lives. Additional, but very important, support is given to OneNorwich Practices by CRN Eastern.

As a measure of research activities in OneNorwich Practices in 2020/21 it is possible to compare its research-active practices with research-active practices in England ­as a whole, 55% compared to 42%; thus OneNorwich is keeping a­­­­­­head of the national trend in research carried out in community settings. In addition, OneNorwich recruited 33% of the total number of patients recruited into medical trials in Norfolk and Waveney in CCG in 2020/21. This is a magnificent achievement when one takes into account the very difficult circumstances in which general practices have been operating due to the national pandemic.

The best research performing OneNorwich practice in 2020/21 was the joint St Stephensgate and Newmarket Road surgeries with a total recruitment figure of 768 patients into seven healthcare studies including two important COVID-19 studies which had national importance.

The Primary Research Forum is an important part of the OneNorwich Practices research activities as it enables staff

from interested practices to gain information at first hand from the trial managers in research organisations.